Time is a gift. I cannot control the length of time I have in this world, but I can control how I spend the time. I have heard the motto: "Live each day like it is your last". For me, this means I must spend my time doing good so that the day after my last day on earth, I will live the first day of eternal life. Identifying the good required that I find a college that would nourish and inform my conscience.

Attending Holy Cross College enlightened my mind, engaged my heart, and tested my physical limits.  The vision for this holistic education emerged in Le Mans France in 1838.  It was Fr. Dujarie, a diocesan priest of Le Mans, who encouraged Fr. Moreau to create a new religious order of Priest, Brothers and Sisters called the Congregation of Holy Cross. This Congregation has since founded many schools around the world, including three Catholic Colleges in South Bend, Indiana: The University of Notre Dame, Saint Mary's College, and Holy Cross College.  It has been through the writings of these Priests that I have learned the significance of a liberal arts education.

I have received a practical liberal arts education from Holy Cross College by pursing a double major in Liberal Studies and in Business. The required readings for my Liberal Studies courses enhanced analytical skills by inspiring thought-provoking questions. Through the variety of Business courses, I learned the necessary logistics that will have a direct application in a potential business career. The Holy Cross community is a multicultural, multigenerational, international family. I strive to show consideration for the many lives around me while growing holistically as a Catholic.

My Holy Cross experience has been more than a place of study. I have received a co-curricular education by not only getting involved in the student life on campus, but taking on responsibilities to help the college grow. I was an athlete, student ambassador, mission team member and a Resident Assistant. I took advantage of many religious pilgrimages, service clubs, and sporting events offered by the tri-campus community.

A unique aspect of my college education includes the Four Experiential Pillars: Service Learning, Global Immersion, Internship, and Capstone. For each of these I have been able to identify major learning outcomes and core competencies gained from the experiences. Look on the left at the different sections listed. When clicked on, I explain in greater detail all the good I have been able to do during my time at Holy Cross College!